Core Virtues

Art Studio Memory Project 2022

Written by Abigail Gong (Class of 2023) and YiJia Ni (Class of 2022)

DVGS Art Studio has been organizing the Memory Project for three years. In 2004, Ben Schumaker founded this project with the intention of “connecting youth around the world through art to help build cultural understanding and international kindness.” The Memory Project gets its name from its intention to provide handmade portraits as unique memories to children in orphanages. 

Many of the DVGS students were excited to meet a new friend through this new method and draw their figures. After receiving the children’s photos, they drew according to it with different kinds of medium as they like. Once they were finished, they were also able to put a kind note and their handprints on the back of the portraits to let the children connect with them too. Watching the children receiving the portraits with smiles on their face, the students will be content that their efforts make a difference.

The painters’ quotes:

This is totally a new experience for me. I’m happy that I can make others happy by drawing. 

– Hannah Cheng (Class of 2027)

I enjoyed doing this project. The process was hard for me, but the result was satisfying.

– Ashley Dong (Class of 2025)

I feel like meeting a new friend from another continent, seeing their beautiful smiles also lightened up my days.

– Shine Yuan (Class of 2024)

I think it’s amazing how we are able to connect with someone who is halfway across the world through just a portrait.

– Rachel Blythe (Class of 2022)

I hope that we can meet and have a nice chat together.

– Katherine Chen (Class of 2022)

While drawing them stroke by stroke, I get to know them and talk to them face to face.

– YiJia Ni (Class of 2022)