How to Apply for Admission:

  1. Request Information: Contact the school to request more information. This will allow us to answer any initial questions you may have.
  2. Application: Download and submit the completed forms & essay. E-mail the completed application to Boys Division: or Girls Division:
  3. International Applicants: Take the Duolingo English Test ( When signing up for the test, select “Developing Virtue Secondary School” to have the results sent directly to us. This test is a requirement before we can schedule an interview. While we do not have a cut off number, we expect applicants to score above 60.
  4. Interview: Once you have submitted the application, we will process it in 2-4 weeks, and schedule a family interview.
  5. Student Forms / Transcript / Grades / Teacher Reference Report: Submit any remaining enrollment forms.
  6. Shadow Experience: Available upon request
  7. Admission Decision: If the applicant has been accepted, an official acceptance letter will be sent to the email that was provided.

Instilling Goodness/Developing Virtue Schools welcome applications from sincere students without discrimination in regard to gender, race, color, religion, or national/ethnic origin.

The following forms are available for download:

Application Form: (pdf)  (doc)

Student Medical Consent: (pdf) (doc)

Student Medical Information: (pdf)  (doc)

Request for Cumulative Record Form: (pdf)  (doc)

Additional Student Response Form: (pdf)  (doc)

Teacher Reference Report:  (pdf)  (doc)

K-6 Authorized Pick Up Form